OpenBSD bugs archive

  • Re: kernel/2179: inconsistent behaviour in arp reply of a bridge, Jason Wright
  • Re: kernel/2368: TCP - FINs with different sequence numbers, Niels Provos
  • <광고>특보, 미래에는
  • Re: system/2375: Use of socket option SO_LINGER with high li_linger values causes a kernel panic, Joseph Ishac
  • OpenBSD 3.0 SCSI handshaking timesout, Geoffrey B Milord
  • 3.0 macppc: panic trap 200 on a G4 PCI 350 MHz., Carlos Z.
  • 3.0 cd is missing index.txt, chris boyer
  • (광고)핸드폰공짜!! 선납금3만원으로OK!!, hanpone
  • Possible Bug: OpenBSD 3.0/SPARC, Marasmus
  • Netra X1 panics(-current sparc64), Matt
  • Re: user/2384: unchecked login session name can cause breakage and identity theft, Peter Philipp
  • 3Com xl driver alpha watchdog timeout, Hans-Werner Schlote
  •, lhirlimann
  • Re: ports/2392: XEmacs compile failure, David Lebel
  • Re: system/2400: GRE tunnel config fails without default route at startup, Gnats
  • 3.0 release README is incorrect for extracting the sources, A B
  • pf.conf manpage's BNF is incorrect for "port", A B
  • Kernel panic related to memory management on sparc, Martin Lambers
  • Re: kernel/2372: OpenBSD 3.0 panics; 2.9 is OK., Kyle R. Hofmann
  • nat rdr tcp cksum corruption, sigsimaack @ subdimension . com
  • Re: Radeon Bug in Default Install, ash
  • Re: system/2294: current embezzles real memory, Janjaap van Velthooven
  • quadra 700 panic (HELP) installing openBSD3.0, Erik Bongcam
  • Re: kernel/2418: iwill SIDE 2936UW (Advansys ABP-940UW chip) timeout problem, Rod Roberts
  • Fwd: RE: Compiling vpnd-1.1.1 on OpenBSD 3.0 - error with struct vjst, serratt
  • Promise Ultra 66(PDC 20262), Rik Burt
  • Want to save money on your web site expenses?, josh . winters
  • [광고]함께할 사업자를 모십니다., 김홍규
  • (È«º¸)ÃÖ°­È«º¸ÇÁ·Î±×·¥!!È«º¸°ÆÁ¤³¡., only1249
  • Re: sparc/2437: sparc ipc kernel panic openbsd3.0 swap, stroucki
  • 딱 하루남았습니다., misba
  • Re: kernel/2440: new scsiconf.c results in boot-time crash, Emilio Perea
  • Re: system/2441: error in src/sys/net/pf_norm.c, Daniel Hartmeier
  • Re: kernel/2260: fsx kill ffs, Dries Schellekens

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