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bug in pf

I am running obsd 3.0 STABLE with DEFAULT kernel.
I am using the PF ruleset from
When i use this ruleset and i start NMAP with the following
nmap -P0 -sS -v -p 1-65535 -O -T 3 IP
after some time it is like i am loosing my network connection and eventualy it freezes up my obsd so i HAVE to reset it.
I tested with nmap beta 25 from obsd 3.0 STABLE ports and the latest nmap beta 30
I have seen the ipv6 patch in the errata but i am not running ipv6.
Please look into it.
I used a very similar ruleset with IPF in obsd 2.9 without any problems
The last 2 lines in the file is when i ran netstat -m before a scan and while the scan was running.
Please look into it

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