OpenBSD bugs archive

  • bugs님 안녕하십니까?, 이현우
  • ICL EtherTeam 16i NIC support for OpenBSD, Chris Pockele
  • Re: system/2162: ppp mssfixup does not work on pf nat, supc
  • Re: user/2158: ld fails when run from modload, Darren Reed
  • Re: kernel/2167, Kamil Andrusz
  • Re: kernel/2172: crash and freeze, maybe pf and/or ip6 related, Mike Frantzen
  • Re: ksh EOF handling on multi-line constructs, Brian J. Kifiak
  • Re: documentation/2174: checklist.html, DESCR should be 80 characters wide, Nick Nauwelaerts
  • [no subject], GoodNews
  • panic: pmap_transfer_ptes: PG_PVLIST PTE, titurel
  • Re: library/2175: initgroups() has arbitrary restriction, Theo de Raadt
  • OpenBSD3.0 bug, toan
  • Upgrade to OpenBSD3.0, toan
  • Dnya markalarnda seri sonu rnlere davet, Esem Spor
  • Bug ID 2133 : panic:ffs_blkfree : machine faulty, archi2k
  • Re: kernel/2126: Promise PDC20268 support, Ryan McBride
  • Re: kernel/2182: virtual interval timers always one-shot, Theo de Raadt
  • Lose lbs easily, dbs
  • ATTENTION! Well-Paid Job in the Internet! Please Read IT Carefully!, biz
  • Mothercare & LauraAshley & Mexx'den indirim eki, Demsa
  • () ˷帳ϴ,
  • Re: system/2193: Wrong variable name in /etc/rc, Andrew Pinski
  • Re: documentation/2197, Nick Nauwelaerts
  • Manpage missing?!, Thorsten Glaser
  • ~~! ڽ ġ ~~!![񽺱Դϴ!], webmaster
  • bug in pf, Viktor Christiansen
  • Re: documentation/2203: Minor inconsistency in style(9) man page, Theo de Raadt
  • Re: system/2208: Incorrect 'join' behaviour?, Andrew Pinski
  • Re: kernel/2205: multiple system crashes, Artur Grabowski
  • Re: kernel/2211: PF / Kernel problem, it filtered all ports, Shell, Hin-lik Hung
  • Re: i386/1866:OpenBSD 2.9 locks up after a suspend on IBM ThinkPad 600, Liam
  • Re: library/2215: strptime() problems, Artur Grabowski
  • fs problems?, Zak
  • getfh(2) and chflags(2) EPERM touchups, Brian J. Kifiak
  • Re: kernel/2219: sparc kernels won't compile without KMEMSTATS/DIAGNOSTIC/LKM, Artur Grabowski

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