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Just got the 2.9 CD. My congratulations on a professional looking system; much more-so than FreeBSD-4.3 !!

A few problems you might want to know about:

(1) unpatched OpenBSD-2.9/i386 GENERIC Kernel panic:

$ mount /dev/wd0c /mnt
$ ls /mnt

dev=0x2, bsize=8192, size=8192, fs=/mnt
panic: ffs_blkfree: bad size

Output from ps(1): PID=*6106 FLAGS=0x4006 PPID=29679 PGRP=6106

Output from trace(1):
_panic(e025b6ed,8,2,0,e5b186b0) at _panic+0x81
_ffs_blkfree(e5b185c4,ffff00b1,2000,1,ffffffff) at _ffs_blkfree+0x82
_ffs_truncate(e5b1bd7c,2,74,20,e5b185c4) at _ffs_truncate+0x86e
_VOP_TRUNCATE(e5b11e04,0,0,0,ffffffff) at _VOP_TRUNCATE+0x49
_ufs_inactive(e5b1be0c,400,0,ffff0081,ba0069) at _ufs_inactive+0x91
_VOP_INACTIVE(e5b11e04,e5afc754,90ffff,ffffffff,9) at _VOP_INACTIVE+0x2e
_vput(e5b11e04,6,e5b1bf38,e01b3757,e5b11e04,e5b1bed8,e5afc754,e087bc00) at _vput+0x138
_sys_stat(e5afc754,e5b1bf88,e5b1bf80,14,0) at _sys_stat+0x76
---syscall (number 188) ---

When I tried to do the same mount(1) command after the panic,
the system denied the mount, reporting filesystem not clean.

(2) unpatched OpenBSD-2.9/i386 GENERIC Kernel:

Booting messages report wd1 as LBA when it is set to NORMAL in the BIOS.
(wd0 set to LBA in BIOS and reported as such when booting).

(3) option GPL_MATH_EMULATE missing from options(4) man-page.

(4) When compiling a Kernel the following error was reported on
linking the bsd kernel:

if_aue.o Undefined symbol '_mii_phy_reset' referenced from text segment.

All the MII options commented-out in Kernel config file.
The undefined symbol was coming from a USB AUE Ethernet interface which was defined in the config file.

(5) TAB file-name completion in sh(1) corrupts the screen/current line-display when trying to TAB-complete a line beyond a certain number of characters.

(6) ^L in sh(1) doesn't clear the screen (it reprints the current line).

(7) ^L, ^A, ^E, ^K etc are not documented in the sh(1) manual page.


R Carey.

PS Might be an idea to stick the FAQ's on the CD's !!! :)

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