OpenBSD bugs archive

  • Re: user/1967: SSH-add bug, Markus Friedl
  • Re: kernel/1955: Kernel panic WARNING: SPL NOT LOWERED ON SYSCALL EXIT, rd
  • Re: system/1984: distribution tarballs, Artur Grabowski
  • Hardware specific? networking bug in 2.9 and current, George Shaffer
  • usr.sbin/syslogd/syslogd.c typo, Joshua Stein
  • It's not a bug bug a question for help, Prometheus P.
  • i386 install from cd bug: desirability level 5, _ethyl
  • Re: user/1991: ln follows existing symlink-to-dir target, Phil Pennock
  • Re: documentation/1993: symlink(7) doesn't withstand extreme pedanticism, Phil Pennock
  • Re: i386/1995: console driver, Matthieu Herrb
  • Furniture Hardware, Home Giant
  • Re: kernel/1983: System freeze with db3, Thierry Deval
  • Looking for a GREAT deal?, Salerno Duane of Sussex, Inc.
  • login.c one-line fix, and broken sendbug?, Chris Palmer
  • Deep Discount Magazine Subscriptions, mag man
  • Re: system/1915: 002_fts.patch probably breaks find/mtree when building older 2.9 releases, Mathias Schmocker
  • mount(8) grammar, Joshua Stein
  • I already solved this bug problem but ..., Bas Oude Nijeweme
  • scp bug with named pipes, Evan Jeffrey
  • Crash using OpenBSD Mac68k 2.9 on a MacIIsi, Tom Hackett
  • ftpd globbing (sort of), Chris Cameron
  • Patch for new options to libexec/tftpd, Brian Poole
  • Patch to distrib/miniroot/install.sub to set FQDN, Brian Poole
  • Nitpick in usr.bin/find usage, Brian Poole
  • Patch for inconsistent display in top, Brian Poole
  • Re: system/2030: Config parsing problem with pfctl., Kamil Andrusz
  • LBA and fdisk?, adam morley
  • cdio(1)'s relative play feature is broken, Brian J. Kifiak
  • Re: i386/1797, Björn Sandell
  • fdisk - funny., supaplex
  • Little fix for the nc(1) manpage, Nick Nauwelaerts
  • Format string in sys/kern/subr_autoconf.c, Brian J. Kifiak

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