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Re: Problem with http install

On Wed, Jul 11, 2001 at 02:29:57PM -0400, Steve Shockley wrote:
> Installing 2.9-current 
> I booted from floppy to do the install, and that worked as expected.  I
> created a web on a desktop machine (Win2k, IIS5) with the distribution
> files, but for some reason the installer insisted on getting the file
> index.txt (based on the web logs) instead of just viewing the folder.  (I
> could use a web browser without a problem.)

If I'm not mistaken there is no standard way for a directry listing in http.
So each webserver supporting a directory listing produces a listing at its
own gusto, may be test/html, text/plain or whatever - even gif or flash
would be possible. so this output is not parseable and a hint, in this case
index.txt, is needed.

> However, I had created another .tgz file (src.tgz) and it wouldn't
> let me install it, it thought the file wasn't there.

The filenames are hardcoded in the installer. 

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