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XF86Setup + xf86config-3 corrupted and not-working XF86Config file XFree86 3.3.6 bug on OpenBSD 2.9

I actually use at work and at home OpenBSD 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8, but with 2.9 I
have a problem to configure X on my pc. I have an ATI RAGE IIC PCI 4MB on a
PHILIPS 104B, I always use XFree86 3.3.x and I din't have any problem with the
other version of OpenBSD. In this version I try to configure as usual XFree86
3.3.6 with XF86Setup in graphical mode, everything is ok, xvidtune ok, but
startx crashes with "invalid vertical mode" and "no valid mode found". Infact
/etc/XF86Config is corrupted:
Section "Monitor"
   Identifier      "Primary Monitor"
   VendorName      "Unknown"
   ModelName       "Unknown"
   HorizSync       31.5-53.7
   VertRefresh     60-85
   Modeline  "800x0"      50.00 800 804 924 1004 0 600 601 607 -hsync -vsync
+csync           ^^^                            ^^^

Here is the problem, it insert a 0 in the first vertical setting and cuts the
last vertical setting. I copy the value of the settings of xvidtune and I
correct manually the config:

Modeline  "800x600"      50.00 800 804 924 1004 600 601 607 626 -hsync -vsync

Thanks to this inspiration, after 5 installation and 1 week of pain, everything
is ok... This little but nasty bug is present only with OpenBSD 2.9 XFree86
3.3.6, with XF86Setup (graphic) and xf86config-3 (text). I have tryed every
resolution, every monitor refresh value, every kind of server (XF86_Mach64,
XF86_SVGA, ecc...) but the result is the same.
But, this is important, I didn't try different hardware.

Sorry for my english and for my lamer-problem, and thanks for your great work.

Paoloni Paolo

ps: I have sent at dmesg_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org the dmesg of my pc with this

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