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smc etherpower II bug/problem

OK. I have run OpenBSD 2.7 on a computer of mine that has had a bad power supply and has thus not worked for the last couple months. This computer has an SMC Etherpower II PCI network card in it. I decided to just reinstall OpenBSD 2.8 from scratch and found that suddenly the NIC wouldn't work. I got an error message along the lines of Timeout x Bytes, It appears that we can Continue... where x was any number from 0 to 2. This happened during the configuration of the network card during the OpenBSD installation. I tried all the different media options that are or seem to be compatible with my network, and I always got that same error message during and after the installation. As a second idea, I decided to reinstall 2.7 and then try upgrading to 2.8 using the upgrade option, so I installed 2.7 and everything worked fine. However, when I went to upgrade to 2.8, I got the same error message. Is this a bug with version 2.8, or is there a patch already available, or is there something I am doing wrong that I have failed to see here? Please let me know what you find out. Thanks.

- James A. Ziebarth
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