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Re: Status of PR 1631?

I have one idle computer at the moment so I could offer to install 2.7 and check out the cvs trunk by date between 2.7 and 2.8 so that we might find out when it broke and then look at the changes that were done at that time. Would that be a good idea? (I just got acquainted with cvs recently and haven't used it a lot except for a small project.) Would I need to checkout and recompile everything or just a part?


  This seems related to teh threading bug killing people using MySQL
under high load with OpenBSD 2.8 Discussion on MySQL dev list concluded
it was a 2.8 threading lib bug a month ago. I believe PR 1631 is the same
bug, but with a different threaded program.

  Any sort of update on this would be greatly appreciated. We recently
started moving to OpenBSD from FreeBSD and it's turing into a nightmare
as all of our machines have MySQL crashing frequently or failing to
respond. The MySQL dev comment:



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