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Installing OpenBSD 2.7 from floppy over network: gateway/proxy tr ouble

It looks like our network people have managed to configure the access to the
internet in such a way that the OpenBSD installation kit cannot install the
operating system from the internet. Since the installation routine hardly
displays any error messages it is hard to determine what the problems might

I have FTPed in the floppies from ftp.stacken.kth.se/pub/OpenBSD/2.7/i386

Our gatways:
We have a ftp gateway which needs username_(_at_)_host in order to work.
We have a http gatway which does everything on port 80. It also has a ftp
proxy, but ....

When I try to use the http proxy I set the proxy host to http://proxy:80,
but have no joy. This is probably because we use a fiendish password scheme
for accessing the www. When I use netscape on Unix I have to supply a valid
NT username and password when I surf the internet. This is done
automagically when I'm surfing on windows nt. I tried to ftp to a known host
by hand without success. The error message was "ftp: Auto-Login using FTP
URLs isn't supported when using $ftp_proxy"

I can get the ftp gateway to work by hand. BTW. It needs active FTP. The
syntax used to do this automatically seems not to be compatible with this
sort of gateway. There seems to be too many @ characters.

Somehow the fetch program and library as found on FreeBSD seems to work
better for our setup than the OpenBSD kit. However they have also bungeled
on the ftp gateway installation (which they call FTP_PROXY).

A second problem:
When I answer yes that I want a list of sites; there is no list at all shown
on screen. I notice that a file called ftplist is located in /tmp. That list
seems to be current.

A third problem: our newsfeed is down, so I cannot access the newsgroups in
order to solve this problem.


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