OpenBSD bugs archive

  • minor typo in man page brconfig(8), Kent Engström
  • OpenBSD 2.7 /etc/rc, U. Esselborn
  • Installing OpenBSD 2.7 from floppy over network: gateway/proxy tr ouble, Tarjei . Jensen
  • Re: system/1494: ftpd.c, Ian McWilliam
  • Possible bug in OpenBSD 2.7, Robert Rose
  • Problem installing 2.7 on a HP Netserver LC2000r, Volker Kindermann
  • telnet core dumps with long host names, Steve Mynott
  • keyboard map problem in OpenBSD 2.7, Tarjei . Jensen
  • screen content of root appears in user screen, Akhoun Stéphane
  • panic trap, Albino Aveleda
  • Re: kernel/1508: wrong numbers assigned in pfkeyv2.h (SADB_AALG_*), itojun
  • Skey vs RFC 952, Wozz
  • Re: i386/1521: Adaptec 2940 bug in 2.8 not in 2.7, Peter Galbavy
  • Re: kernel/137: vm hangs doing (while true; do grep xyzzy /dev/zero & done), Mathias Schmocker
  • CVS patch branch broken for ssh, Neil Darlow
  • ftp default login, Brian Kifiak
  • queue(3) manpage bug, horape
  • The Big /tmp Problem, Ryan Cooley
  • The Big /tmp Problem (Plain Text), Ryan Cooley
  • Re: system/1529: /etc/rc doesn't check RAID parity, Peter Galbavy
  • Re: documentation/1533: pipe(2) direction., Artur Grabowski
  • Re: system/1534: quota over 4gb, Artur Grabowski
  • Keyboard Lockup Bug: Possibly related to PR number 1497, Ken
  • Re: user/1538: poor ls display behavior, Brian Kifiak

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