OpenBSD bugs archive

  • Re: user/1389: Update pw_change in passwd(1)., Todd C. Miller
  • Re: kernel/1388: netgear FA-410tx crashes -current on IBM TP 600x, David Terrell
  • AT&T syntax, eliel
  • i386/INSTALL.i386 Documentation Bug, Cian
  • Re: i386/1403: Intel 440BX2 mobo doesn't power off on halt -p, Stephan Somogyi
  • i386 -current insists to read from non-existing disk at bootup, Arvid Grøtting
  • Re: system/1406: dhcpd refuses to bind to a specific interface, itojun
  • Denial of Service, Riley Hassell
  • Re: library/1408: Python 2.0b1 causes libc_r panic in OpenBSD 2.7-stable, Jon Ribbens
  • Re: system/1369: system freeze, Martin Portmann
  • openbsd 2.7, ifconfig, Jon Wells
  • Re: kernel/1410: Bug in decapsulation of tunnel-mode IPSEC packets, Angelos D. Keromytis
  • Re: kernel/1411: processes opening many sockets at once receive ENOBUFS, Tom Kyle
  • pap-secrets, Austin Hook
  • off-by-one errors in getnameinfo(), Pavel Kankovsky
  • Updated Version of readline?, Justin D. Pettit

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