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Progress on user/1018?

hi folks

i'm running a stock openbsd 2.6 installation, and i'm getting burned by
the problem described in user/1018.  has there been any further progress
on this issue?

i'm trying to set up a demand dialer using user-ppp, so this is a bit of
a show stopper for me. (i can;t hit ctrl-c manually since ppp is running
in the background, and i'd rather not setup a script to occasionally kick
it with a SIGINT...)

a few notes:  usually, the first demand dial works fine, but the first redial
after a timeout usually gets the infinite stream of I/O errors.  if i kill
-SIGINT the ppp process, the second redial usually works..

the problem does not occur when bringing up a UDP tunnel on demand, so it
appears to be something specific to using a physical modem.


  Ray Lehtiniemi (rayl_(_at_)_mail_(_dot_)_com) (rayl_(_at_)_optitech_(_dot_)_com)