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bug bug bug

Hello there.
After months of continous downloading I got all the files necesary to
install OpenBSD.
After even more months of fighting my hard disk to split it up  I got 
to install OpenBSD but, Houston,  we have a problem here.

I have a 486 DX4. In partition 0 lives Windows 95
and using FIPS, y got another partition (1) for OpenBSD (A6).
The installation went absolutely great... easier than I imagined, but
after setting the OS-BS boot manager in order to be able to  boot with
both OS, I get this error message!!

everything goes fine till here
rootdev=0x400  rrootdev=0xd00  rawdev=0xd02
panic: cannot open disk, 0x400/0xd00, error 6
Stopped at       _Debugger+0x4:  leave

and comes the debugger prompt.

If (which is quite likely, sorry!) you need the data before the bug,
please let me know.

Thank you very much


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