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2.3 Bootup Panic on i386

I haven't had any problems installing/running version 2.3 of OpenBSD 
i386, but recently the machine locked up and I had to hit the reset 
button on the computer itself.  Upon reboot, the kernel seems to panic 
after it attempts to run sysctl and change the kernel security level to 
secure.  It drops to ddb and here is the exact message given:

vm_fault(0xf08d9100, ec62d000, 1, 0) -> 1
kernel:page fault trap, code=0
Stopped at	_skpc+0xe:	repe scasb	(%esi)

And I am then given the ddb prompt.  This is on a Pentium Pro with 32MB 
RAM, a 3.2GB Western Digital IDE hard drive with three partitions and 
swap space (wd0a, wd0b [swap], wd0d and wd0e, and you would expect :-), 
an Adaptec 1522 SCSI card (although nothing is connected to it, because 
whenever I attempt to boot with any scsi devices plugged into the card, the 
boot locks up), a Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16, Diamond Stealth video 
card, 3Com NIC, and external USR 28.8 modem.

I have tried booting /bsd.old (bsd is a custom compiled kernel based off 
the GENERIC kernel setup, bsd.old is the default GENERIC kernel that 
ships with 2.3), and I've gone as far as to delete /bsd and replace it with 
a known clean copy.  Still doesn't work.

Please advise.  Thanks!


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