OpenBSD bugs archive

  • Re: sparc/508: scsi-buffered 10bT ethernet on IPC, chuck
  • Re: system/489: top(1) shown more than 100% CPU, Felix Schroeter
  • Re: kernel/514: Problem with ISA PNP & com ports, Jason Downs
  • Re: user/516: exec login will forget a user's IP/host in utmp, Todd C. Miller
  • Re: mips/518: Building kernel on pmax with read-only `/sys' fs., Todd C. Miller
  • Re: documentation/522: qmail install causes /usr/bin/mail to hang on exit, Todd C. Miller
  • Booting bug in 2.3 CDROM, bad script around term type question, Hugh Daniel
  • Re: user/526: /usr/bin/telnet segfaults on execution, Theo de Raadt
  • Re: i386/536: man man does not display -k as a possible option., Theo de Raadt
  • Re: i386/537: man does not allow arrow keys to be used, Theo de Raadt
  • system hang after boot, dos
  • Re: system/546: named putting dates in syslog wrong, magnus stahre
  • Re: i386/551: PCVT keyboard hange, Tobias Weingartner
  • OpenBSD kernel dies when it encounters a Sun DSBE/S sbus card, Hugh Daniel
  • 3C905B, John Carr
  • system/554, Timothy J. Lee

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