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Bugs/Help with OpenBSD/mac68k ?

I have a MacOS Quadra 660AV with a Quantum FireBall 1.28 Gb external hard 
disk.  I tried to install OpenBSD and I fail every time at the same place:  
NetBSD/68k Installer crashes when it tries to access my root partition.
It gives me a SCSI read error #5, which is SCSI port not in right phase (?).
I created my partitions using Silverlining 5.8.3, and I created 2 
partitions "Root & User", and "Swap" of type Free/ A/UX.  I obviously 
booted from a floopy before doing that.  I have several MacOS partitions 
on that disk (5 MacOS, 2 A/UX).

I used Mkfs to change the partitions to root & usr and swap.  This worked 
fine.  When I run the installer, I get the following:


sd0 at scsi ID 0.
sd1 at scsi ID 1.
Partition read, SCSIID = 1
Mounting partition 'A' as /
sd0a: Other (FWB DRIVER COMPONENTS) 'FWB Driver Components' at 64 size 904
sd0b: HFS_PART 'MacOS' at 1088 size 2068772
sd1a: Root 'NetBSD Root & Usr' at 2200128 size 263744
sd1b: Swap 'NetBSD Swap' at 2463872 size 40000
sd1d: HFS_PART 'Système Complet' at 128 size 400000
sd1e: HFS_PART 'Documents' at 400128 size 360000
sd1f: HFS_PART 'Applications' at 760128 size 600000
sd1g: HFS_PART 'Programmation' at 1360128 size 600000
sd1h: HFS_PART 'Backup' at 1960128 size 240000
Error on SCSIRead(), # 5
failed mountfs(), error 22.
Error mounting root.
mount root. : Undefined error: 0


I tried to change my SCSI Id to almost anything (except zero since 0 is 
my internal hard disk) and it did not change anything.  I also tried to 
run the NetBSD installer from an external partition (i.e. not on the 
actual physical device that I am trying to install BSD to) and it did not 
change anything.  I tried with extensions off, same thing.  I gave the 
installer over 10 Mbytes of memory too, same thing.

I looked at the FAQ and could not find much about that.

Is there anything I am missing ?

Thanks for forwarding this to anybody who could help me.

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