OpenBSD bugs archive

  • Addendum: Bug in sd driver when reading 2048 Bytes/sector, Andreas Klussmann
  • OBSD 2.3: SIIG EIDE IO Board can no longer see HDD., Sean B. Hamor
  • OpenBSD/2.3 i386 kernel panics (small web server + routing a subnet over PPP and doing some mail), Niels Bakker
  • OpenBSD/sparc won't boot kernels with symbol table, Craig Metz
  • conf/GENERIC M-x "makeoption" to "makeoptions", Craig Metz
  • Bugs in installation., Imran Ahmad
  • Buffer overflow in traceroute, Kevin Vajk
  • Re: system/490: ypserv randomly conflicts with inetd.conf entries, Theo de Raadt
  • Bug/Help Denial, Daniel Cote
  • Bugs/Help with OpenBSD/mac68k ?, Daniel Cote
  • minor problem with debugging code, Joel Coltoff
  • 2.3 installation failure on AlphaStation 500/266, Monty Brandenberg
  • TCP check for multicast, Craig Metz
  • Re: system/499: tcpdump breaks ep0 driver, Maillist
  • Install script problems in 2.3 on Intel, Monty Brandenberg
  • XF86Setup awkwardness in 2.3 on Intel, Monty Brandenberg
  • cannot install from msdos files and other errata, William Allen Simpson
  • dmesg won't pull message buffer from core on x86, Craig Metz
  • make(1) blows up on DDD 3.0's makefile, Craig Metz

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