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Two problems booting OpenBSD 2.3

I'm trying to install OpenBSD 2.3 for the first time and have had two
problems booting.

Hardware:  Pentium Pro 200, 80 mb ram, Tekram 390F SCSI card, Matrox
Mystique, NE2000, installing onto an EZ Drive.

The first is not serious, but annoying.  When I try to boot off of the
drive (going through LILO), I get a 'bad magic' message.  I fixed this by
booting from the install floppy and specifying the root filesystem as
sd1a.  I am curious as to whether this could be related to the geometry of 
the drive not being read correctly by the kernel when I first booted to
install. I fixed the problem while partitioning, but it  was reading one
head, and a large number of sectors and cylinders, when the geometry is
128 cylinders, 64 sectors, 32 heads.  

The main problem is that it boots, it gets through all of the diagnostic
messages and starts to set tty modes, but then hangs.  Do you know what
might cause this?