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unable to install on AcerNote 730i LapTop

I discovered that I can't install OpenBSD on my old AcerNote 730i LapTop.
It is an Intel i486 CPU at 33 Mhz, with 4 Megs Ram and 125 Megs of disk space.
I can see the boot prompt, and when I press return, it seems to load the kernel
correctly (see below), but when it has finished to load it, the machine 

Screen output:

loading /boot.....
pc0 detected
com0 detected
using pc0 console
mem0: 639k 3072k
Probing disks: fd0 fd1 fd2 fd3 hd0*
apm0 detected
>> OpenBSD BOOT 1.06
boot> booting fd0a:/bsd 970752+2134016 <before it reboots, some numbers are
					displayed here, but they disappear to
					fast, I couldn't see them>
then it reboots :(

Hope it helps...