OpenBSD bugs archive

  • Re: ports/444: Emacs 20.2 with OpenBSD patches does not compile on sparc, Marco S Hyman
  • Re: ports/440: Ports untar as random users, Jon Ribbens
  • Resent: Problems with Optical Disk - 1024 Bytes/sector, Andreas Klu▀mann
  • Re: system/451: Build error again, Felix Schroeter
  • Re: user/453: build file in the source tree, maybe, The Monk
  • Re: ports/455: make fetch in a port, with stdout not a tty, dumps file to stdout., Marco S Hyman
  • Re: ports/456: ssh port ignores make.conf, David Leonard
  • OpenBSD/INN/symlink problem, Albert Siersema
  • Re: user/460: gdb doesn't get built by 'make build', Todd C. Miller
  • Re: kernel/459: remote end of ppp interfaces treated as broadcast addresses, Todd C. Miller
  • Re: sparc/462: 2.3 kernels hang on Sparc Classics, Art Klittnick
  • Odd behaviour in rename syscall on ffs, Phil Ware
  • OpenBSD 2.2 i386 Installation Problem, Sean Caron

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