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Stephanie for OpenBSD 3.1 released

Stephanie, an OpenBSD 'hardening' package is now
available in a new and improved (!) version for
OpenBSD 3.1. The features include:

	o TPE
	o MD5 ``binary integrity verification''
	o In-kernel ACL mechanism
	o Restricted symbolic links
	o Minor privacy modifications
	o Real-time logging of execve() calls
	o ld.so protection (env. stripping)

The new version is modular, which means you can
choose what components to install. The license is
the original two-clause BSD license. Make sure
you read documentation and follow the correct
installation instructions. Please don't mess with
stuff you don't understand. :)

Stephanie is avaliable from


And also from mirrors in the UK, US, Italy, and
Australia -- Information is at the main site.

Please send feedback to me, <brian (at) innu.org>