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ctm: big deltas

just as an information: due to the import of egcs into the OpenBSD
cvs tree there are some really big ctm deltas which are too big
to be sent via mail (27 mb for OpenBSD-cvs and 12 mb for OpenBSD-src)
so you will have to fetch them from the OpenBSD ctm archive servers

it may take some hours until they are available on both servers but
they are definitely on the way - here are the final sizes:

  26585940 OpenBSD-cvs.0957.gz
  11478798 OpenBSD-src.0798.gz

a lot of thanks to mho_(_at_)_OpenBSD_(_dot_)_org and art_(_at_)_OpenBSD_(_dot_)_org for their help
in getting all this going well ...


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