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pctr bug in 2.3

pctr is a pseudo-device driver enabled by default in i386 OpenBSD 2.3.  It has
recently been shown that the driver has several problems on non-Intel i386
processors.  This problem also exists in earlier releases.

If you have a non-Intel i386 system, and the pctr driver successfully
attaches, any user may crash the system by running the pctr(1) command.

Cyrix M2 based systems are especially vulnerable; it is expected that AMD
K6 and K5 systems are as well.

You must recompile your kernel with the pctr driver removed in order to
avoid this problem.  Remove the line ``pseudo-device   pctr    1''
from your kernel configuration file, reconfig, and rebuild the kernel.

As always, please check out http://www.openbsd.org/security.html.

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