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I have recieved multiple "What is CellularBSD?" erquests. I had  previously
posted to OpenBSD lists(misc I think). But, for the benefit of those you didn't
get that mail, here's the spiel again.

Myself and a handful of other people(that handful is growing :> ) are involved
in a project based on/around OpenBSD. CellularBSD will be a heterogenous
distributed parrallel machine. The concept is VERY similar to Amoeba and,
probably Cellular IRIX(not real familiar with it's internals, etc.). Why
another distributed, scallable OS??  Well, Cellular IRIX is not free and only
runs on SGI/Cray machines. Amoeba is free, but only runs on a couple of archs.
Also, it's UNIX emulation leaves something to be desired. I've found it to be
sketchy at best. OpenBSD is a stable(some would argue against this :> )OS based
on 4.4BSD, one of the most common UNIX derivatives. This, along with the free,
ever evolving, source distribution and the support of many developers and
users, makes it(IMHO)perfect for the basis of our cellular OS. Full
compatibility will remain and different levels of parrallelism wil be
available. A user will be able to specify which nodes to run on if (s)he wants,
or the OS will decide this for the user. Also, we plan to implement an MPI-2
compliant system for use with programs written specifically for parrallel
systems. There will be a distributed, RAID based, file system as well as many
other desirable features. If you would like to learn more, mail
cellular_(_at_)_csh_(_dot_)_rit_(_dot_)_edu and keep watching for a web page at
http://www.csh.rit.edu/proj/cellular     (I'll see about possibly getting a
link of the openbsd.org site when the page is ready)
If you qould like to join the mailing list, send mail to majordomo_(_at_)_csh_(_dot_)_rit_(_dot_)_edu
with subscribe cellular in the body.
Trevor R.H. Clarke
Computer Science House
Rochester Institute of Technology
Version: 2.6.2