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ftp and anoncvs in Sweden.

I would like to announce two servers in Sweden. They are not new, but their
connectivity has gotten a lot better in the last few days.

ftp://ftp.stacken.kth.se/pub/OpenBSD  or ftp://ftp.se.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD 
for ftp-mirrors of OpenBSD

anoncvs.stacken.kth.se pr anoncvs.se.openbsd.org for anoncvs-mirrors.

Right now both the machines are behind a 10Mbit/s line one hop away from the
Swedish backbone, so the speed of transmission shouldn't be a problem.

anoncvs is updated every third hour.
ftp is updated once a day. The source-tree on ftp is checked out sporadically
(whenever I work on it), but that will be automated in the future.

The ftp-mirror is also available through AFS at 
The CellServDB entries for stacken.kth.se look like this:

>stacken.kth.se  # Royal Institute of Technology Computer Club     #milko.stacken.kth.se    #hot.stacken.kth.se    #dog.stacken.kth.se