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Directory of otolaryngologists and more

The package below is valued at over $2000 when purchased individually

Fully Licensed Physicians in America 

788,318 in total * 17,998 emails

Lots of Physicians in specialties like Orthopedics, Surgery, Radiology, Dermatology, Neurology, General Practice etc..

Can easily be sorted by 16 different fields

American Pharmaceutical Company Listing
Personal email addresses (47,000 in total) and names for top level executives

Hospital Facilities in America
more than 23k hospital administrators in over 7k hospitals [worth over $300 alone)

American Dentists
Virtually every dentist in the USA with full contact details

US Chiropractor Directory
100,000 Chiropractors in the USA (worth $250 alone)

Dramatic cost reduction: 
$399 for all above data

send email to:      nancy_(_dot_)_kershaw_(_dot_)_lennan_(_at_)_hotmail_(_dot_)_com


above expires on July 26