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Re: LDAP users

>First of all post to the right list. ;) This would fit better in
>the misc-list.

>Now, for your question; what you're looking for is in the
>/etc/login.conf file. There is a man-page for it, login.conf(5)

>In /etc/login.conf you have a line that says:

>You'd want to change that line to something like:

>OpenBSD doesn't include an LDAP module though so you'd have to write
>your own, details for how to do so is in the login.conf(5) man page.
>Or perhaps you can google something, someone else has probably built
>one already.

Thanks for answer. But i know, how to do authentication using ldap...
I dont't know, how to get information about users from LDAP...  Is it real?


WBR, Ozerov Vasilit aka fr33man

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