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RE: pf question

--- "Tony Lambiris" <tlambiris_(_at_)_skillsoft_(_dot_)_com>
> wrote:
>Seeing Darren's post made me chuckle a little. I mean for one, I seriously
>didn't think they would be working on another packet filter replacement in
>less than a month. Very impressive. Two, it sounds like Darren is getting a
>little defensive. I wouldnt be surprised if the rest of the BSD's merged pf
>into their own tree's. pf is a mere few days old, and the progress the
>OpenBSD team is making is absolutely remarkable. Yeah, it's a shame we have
>to sort of reinvent the wheel, but we'll be better off doing so. A very big
>thank you to all developers.

I would like to second this. I'm flat out knocked down
flabergasted. Very excited about this project. I'm
willing to bet that in two years Darren Reed will
be a distant memory. Thanks again to all.

shameless OpenBSD promoter

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