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Re: Sendmail?

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Jeff Bachtel wrote:

> Yall realize that the main reason Sendmail is in the tree is
> historical compatibility, correct?
> So, pretty much any replacement would have to have sendmail's
> invocation syntax, and be able to read standard sendmail .cf's.

Is a newer sendmail compatible with "historical" sendmail?

Also, I am not sure if the need for being able to use standard sendmail
.cf files applies.

> All of this talk of creating better mailers is fine, but it really
> does have to be a sendmail clone (otherwise Exim or Postfix would have
> gotten in by now)

Does every BSD box need a mail server that can listen to port 25 and relay
mail from other hosts?

(Of course, some operating systems also include httpd by default :)

> > But I agree with this point. At first, all we need is a simple MTA that
> > will simply "send mail".

My idea is not to replace sendmail from src/gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/, but to
provide a better-licensed (more free) simple mail sending alternative. I
am not talking about a better mailer. (But, I do believe a more free
MTA is also needed for those who run a mail server.)

   Jeremy C. Reed