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Re: A Newbie Help List

At 00:28 15/05/2001, Luke Bakken wrote:
> www.openbsdpost.net seems pretty newbie-oriented.

I think this deserves a prominent mention on the web site.

IMHO the links to the searchable mailing list archives should be right at
the top of http://www.openbsd.org/mail.html not right at the bottom. Might
cut down on the repeat questions a little.

I've posted a few silly questions simply because i've not found the answer
in the FAQ even thou' it was there. I've now got in the habit of doing a
google search restricted to openbsd.org before asking! Perhaps a link to
this on the site too?

And while we're on the subject of things-i'd-like-to-see-on-the-website how
about a list of all the current ports, with a description, as well as the

Gary Law
me_(_at_)_garylaw_(_dot_)_net           boycott exxon / boycott esso! http://www.stopesso.com