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Re: Somebody was asking about a book?

On Thursday, 03 May 2001 at 07:55, Roland Dominguez <rdoming_(_at_)_falcon_(_dot_)_tamucc_(_dot_)_edu> wrote:
> I believe someone was asking about openbsd books some time back.
> I found "Building Linux & OpenBSD Firewalls" by Sonnenreich & Yates
> at barnes & noble for 19.99 last night.  A quick scan of it leads me
> to believe it's not the best thing written about openbsd but it's pretty
> good.  The first five chapters cover network security & hardware.
> Then 6 & 7 cover linux installation & firewall configuration.
> Chapters 8 & 9 cover OpenBSD installation & firewall configuration.
> Chapter 10 covers firewall tweaking. Chapt. 11 covers Intrustion Detection
> and response followed by a chapter of "loose notes".
> I've not had time to sit down & thoroughly go over it but it looks like a
> keeper for anyone who is new to openbsd & network security concerns.
> ISBN 0-471-35366-3
> p.s. I found it in the markdown sections of barnes & noble.
> anyone else find this one helpful or any errata i need to know about?
> thanks

the ipf rules have two typos. There is a companion website
with the ipf/ipnat rules, and the problems are duplicated.

IIRC one is "tcpudp" instead of "tcp/udp". The other is omitting
"proto tcp" on two lines. Can't remember the exact lines,

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