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Re: Talk vs Action

--- Justin Wojdacki <justin_(_dot_)_wojdacki_(_dot_)_chiplogic_(_dot_)_com_(_at_)_analog_(_dot_)_com>
> wrote:
>> ps. I wonder how many people will completly miss the point and reply to this
>>     mail.
>I'm going to reply, since I think you ignored most of what Chris said
><bunch of BS snipped>

Talk, talk and more talk. And pissing off the
developers doesn't do any of us any good (especially
the developers). Why does it seem like some people
exist on these lists just to piss off the developers?
If you really want to help the cause and don't know
how to code write them and ask nicely how you can.
Donate hardware or just buy them a case of their
favorite beer and ship it to them.

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