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Apple to include BSD in WWDC

Apple has just announced their annual World Wide Developer 
Conference to be held May 21 - 25, 2001

If you find yourself wondering why you should attend, let me 
see if I can help.

In addition to the regular Mac OS application development, this year 
Apple has added conference tracks for BSD UNIX and Darwin.

Apple's acknowledgement and use of BSD in their core operating system 
is a big boost to the growing BSD userbase.  In return, we need to show 
Apple our support as a BSD developer community.

So, visit the Conference website and register.


If you can't make it to the conference, be sure to check out what they 
are offering and give feedback to show your support and interest.

Let's show Apple that they have chosen the best technology to base their 
future on.

-Chris Coleman
 Daemon News

I have listed the conference tracks for BSD and Darwin:


  The kernel architecture of Mac OS X includes operating system services 
  derived from FreeBSD (Berkeley Software Distribution, a version of
  4.4BSD that offers advanced networking, performance, security, and 
  compatibility features. In addition, new technologies, such as the 
  I/O Kit and Network Kernel Extensions (NKEs), have been designed and 
  engineered by Apple to take advantage of advanced capabilities such as
  those provided by an object-oriented programming model. 

  WWDC 2001 will include sessions that cover the following related topics 

    Utilizing BSD within Mac OS X 
    Mac OS X kernel extensions 
    The I/O Kit: file system, storage drivers, and networking hardware 


  The stability of Mac OS X begins with Darwin, the open source core of 
  the Mac OS X. Darwin integrates a number of technologies, including 
  the Mach 3.0 kernel, operating system services based on BSD UNIX, 
  high-performance networking facilities, and support for multiple 
  integrated file systems. Darwin's modular design provides the 
  flexibility that allows developers to provide additional system 
  functionality along with support for new and innovative hardware 

  WWDC 2001 will include sessions that cover the following related topics: 

    Darwin, the open source foundation of Mac OS X 
    Open Source at Apple

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