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Re: Umm...

>I had installed red hat and then decided that I didnt want to spend all my 
>free time checking for and applying patches, so I moved on to freebsd and 
>in researching freebsd, I found OBSD.  Since my interest was in building a 
>firewall, security, and learning UNIX, this seemed to be a perfect os for 

I came on to OBSD very much like this. Was originally
looking for a version on Unix that I could play around
with on a PC. I first learned Unix on a Unix machine
and I always had some doubts about Linux. When I sat
down and started to use Linux I was immediatly repelled
and horrified. I think someone else in this thread
mentioned the man pages in Linux. Man pages, what man
pages? The man pages in all versions of Linux that I
have seen are a joke. And security? Root^H^H^Hed Hat
has a list of cracks about as long as Winblows.
After my experience with Linux I wanted to get back
to dealing with real Unix again. OBSD came to the 

>I would be one of the people interested in purchasing >some sort of 
>manual/guide/whatever for obsd.....even perhaps a >printed version of the 
>man pages would be better than nothing.  I know some, 

I agree. The man pages are nice, but a nice book that I
can pick up and read anytime would be real nice. Also
a book should not be just dry information. Insights
from people who have done that and been there are not
usually in man pages. 

>frequency of changes, perhaps posting the man pages in PDF would be a 
>better alternative.
>I would volunteer my time to helping convert them to PDF (not knowing much 

Nooooooo! Not PDF, please. I think I hate PDF more than
I hate Winblows .doc files.

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