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Re: re. Umm...

On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 03:55:10PM -0700, Warner Ignatiuk wrote:
> The "bookstore advocacy", thus continues the inevitable "Linux" cycle.  1) OpenBSD becomes widely
> known 2) Developers see a "future", a microsoft killer if you will 3) People
> start developing with "User Friendliness" in mind.
Using the good books to promote OpenBSD may be one of the best ways to bring
people into the fold. This would contrast with  a "Linux for Lusers"  style
of book promotion. By appealing to readers who desire to understand the
how and the why of an issue, not just giving installation instructions one
can attract those who want to learn, not just use.

This would argue against a boxed set. Read first, install later.

While everybody may not agree with this example, the Camel book for Perl
seems to attract the more skilled programmers to Perl. It does not start
out with a "hello world" example and then give you just enough information
to be a pain. Instead of RTFM you can say "Get the Camel and read it".

> Personally I would hate to see OpenBSD take the same road as Linux, which in
> turn has been slowly following the windows platform.  A sad future...
> Just a thought.
When you see Theo allow a patch to the kernel so that the web server
can compete against Windows in a benchmark, it is over.

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