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Re: Umm...

On 29.January.2001 "Theo de Raadt" chittered like a monkey:
> > Well, I think it would be nice if OpenBSD occupied more bookshelf space
> > at my local Border's bookstore than it does now (none).  I can remember
> > when IBM's OS/2 used to occupy more shelf space in Fry's than WinNT and
> > I thought IBM just may be coming back.  Now it's nonexistent.  Other
> > people think RedHat is good just because that's what they see taking up
> > space on the bookshelf nowadays.
> Bookstores like Borders want us to make a box-set, with a book inside
> too.
> That means OpenBSD would cost more.  Because of volumes of production, we
> would probably do only a box-set then, not sell a seperate CD.  (If we
> sold a seperate CD, and bookstores sold a box set, they might consider
> that unfair).
> It's complicated.  What would you guys like?

I think that would be a very bad idea.  I mean, it would be great to have
the boxed set, but only having the boxed set would be bad.  I know I can
download OpenBSD from the net, but there is something I like about getting
the CD set every couple of months.

If anything maybe partnering with another company that is willing to do the
book/box-set side of it so that the project could keep making the releases
would be the best.


dan weeks - codemonkey

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