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RE: What's Illiad up to?

I think everyone from OpenBSD should go over to the site and post a big
thank you for some funny stuff. I hate to say it but I think I found out
about the BSD world from one of his strips a few years ago. Getting your
name in print is almost always a good thing.

Being able to laugh at ourself is always a good idea. Humor often involves
pointing out the truth in an unexpected way. People often do claim their
*nix is best. Remember your objections to the strip then next time someone
proclaims the advantages of another BSD.

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Subject: What's Illiad up to?

In his cartoon at 


Illiad seems to be implying that the BSDs trash one another in the
same way that the Linux distros do. He's also spreading a bit of
misinformation about security and attributing the claims to
FreeBSD. (The daemon character without the halo represents
FreeBSD in that strip.) What do you think the cartoonist is up 
to? Or is he just clueless and in need of correction?


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