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Slides anybody for 1/2 hr presentation on OpenBSD?

BSD buddies:

	I want to give a half hour presentation on OpenBSD 
	to a college student audience, who are familiar with 
	computers, and the internet, but are not familiar with
	different flavours of unix.

	I would like to emphasise on security. and ease of server
	maintenance, and robustness.

	Do you slides (best), material (better) for this kinda talk.

On Thu, Oct 07, 1999 at 02:56:08PM +0530, P.R. Subramanya wrote:
> Dear Dinesh,
>   Here is a nice opportunity to talk about OpenBSD. Showcase has a slot
>   for a talk on System Administration. You fit the bill to give this talk. 
>   The two hour slot is all yours. You can talk on anything pertaining
>   to System Administration.
>   Please consider this and for more details contact saurabh_(_at_)_csa_(_dot_)_
> warm regards,
> subbu