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Minor /etc/rc suggestion ...

During my many reboots as I play with things I noticed the line

building databases...

without too much interest until kvm_mkdb was confused there for a while.
When kvm_mkdb got fixed I continued to have a heightened awareness of 
this line and I finally poked around in /etc/rc and changed it slightly to
yield more information and look more like most other lines produced 
during boot. My patch is below.

Do with it what you will...

.... Ken

p.s. what does the 'ps' in 'build ps databases' stand for?

--- /usr/src/etc/rc.orig	Fri Dec 25 10:45:00 1998
+++ /usr/src/etc/rc	Sun Dec 27 12:26:52 1998
@@ -242,9 +242,12 @@
 # build ps databases
-echo 'building databases...'
+echo -n 'building ps databases:'
+echo -n " kvm"
+echo -n " dev"
+echo "."
 chmod 666 /dev/tty[pqrs]*