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Re: Suggestion

You wrote (in your message from Wed 23)
 > A suggestion for the GUI XF86Setup program:
 > 	I have been through three different video cards trying to get
 >	the video working properly. Something that would improve this
 >	setup I think would be the ability to test out the video cards
 >	and modes from within the Setup program. As well  the ability
 >	to  jump back to the previous video mode after an allocated
 >	time during the test would be an improvement.  

This is not easy with the current XFree86 design, given that you have
to terminate the generic VGA 16 colours server used by XF86Setup to
switch to a selected mode.

The XFree86 new design (which will be the next XFree86 release) allows
what you suggest, but the XFree86 Project really need more developpers
to contribute on items like XF86Setup if you want to see improvements
there. Look at <http://www.xfree86.org/#devel> if you want to