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Problems with XFree86

    I have openBSD 2.3 running on a PII 400 with a Adaptec UW Scusi and a 8 gig susi drive and 32x cdrom, and a trident tgui9680-1 video card, 256meg of ram and a bus mouse. 
    The problem is with Xfree86 I can only get it to run using TGUI9680 card in the XF86Setup program using the Generic driver with everything set to probe and SVGA set.  The monitor is set too standard vga, 640x480 @ 60hz(it is a Mag innovision(14") ) . Mode selection is 640x480 with 8bpp. I am using the busmouse settings for the mouse with /dev/pms0 and emulate 3 buttons set.
   Ok it runs yes but the display is pixelated and almost impossible to read. The terminal window isn't too bad but the manual pages are almost encrypted due to pixelation. 

Any ideas?

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