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RE: xdm: undefined symbol: 'xfspioctl' 12

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Robert Rusek wrote:

> OK thanks..  I will let you know if it works after the recompile.  I
> appreciate all your
> help with this.

Opps... recompile got me looking...

I think I found the problem. Since ftp.se.openbsd.org:/pub/OpenBSD/2.4/pmax
is almost empty, I didn't notice that xbase24.tar.gz and xserv24.tar.gz
was missing on ftp.openbsd.org. That explains the strange library
references. I hope that the files will reach ftp.openbsd.org tonight (US

The only thing is that X-servers needs libc.so.17 but a link to libc.so.20
will do.
> Robert.