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Re: Some lacks in our libc

From: Marc Espie <Marc.Espie@liafa.jussieu.fr>
Subject: Re: Some lacks in our libc
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 22:01:23 +0100
> I'm VERY interested in these.... I'm not sure mb* and wc* functions are that
> useful yet. What code base do you have that actually uses them ?
> For instance, japanese software I'm aware of currently tends to roll its
> own...

UNICODE is harmful for East Asians because of the CJK Unification.
ISO 2022 is less harmful but full support of it is an overkill.
Compound strings used with Motif is one of acceptable solutions.  So
is Mule internal coding system.

		Kamo Hiroyasu
		[Kamo is the family name and Hiroyasu the given name.]