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Re: Minimum requirements for i386?

Nino Margetic <nino@well.ox.ac.uk> writes:

> I'd like to setup a small NAT/router/firewall machine and I have a 4M RAM
> machine (and 486sx/25 with a 250M disk). Will this be enough for a minimal
> installation of OpenBSD/i386?

I don't know about the RAM but a 386DX40 and a 486sx25 with 8 MB each
do quite a few jobs for me.  This includes a packet filter w/ NAT and
pppd on a Zyxel OmniNet Plus on a 64 kBit/s DSS-1 (Euro-ISDN) line.

The disk space should do at least if you install only the absolute
minimum (I use these machines for a kind of firewall setup so they
don't even come with `ls').  A standard bastion host should be around
10 to 50 MB depending on the services you want to run on it.

So long,


PS: You may run into trouble using the standard installation procedure 
    on a machine with only 4 MB RAM.

PPS: But then again it might work fine just as well.

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