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Re: OpenBSD as tape host

I have used openbsd with Sun Sparcstation 2 (40MHz Sparc) and Exabyte 8500
as a backup host for several OpenBSD and other unix machines...

I currently use openbsd with AMD K6/266 and Adaptec 2940, Seagate AIT 50GB
(25GB uncompressed, hardware compression)

Both work really well, and I have a real simple network backup script if
you'd like it...

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, Corey Brenner wrote:

> Hi,
>     If this is the wrong forum for this discussion, please politely
> point me to the correct one.
>     I am interested in setting up a PC with OpenBSD for our company
> to use as a tape server (basically).  We have a DLT robot and several
> other tape devices.  My question is: will a PC handle the I/O, and
> if so, what kind of SCSI card would be the best to use with OBSD?
> I've used OBSD in the past, and its SCSI layer has always been stable
> for me, but I'd like a more informed opinion as to the best kinds of
> hardware to use for this application.
> Thanks,
> --Corey
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