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Re: Minimum requirements for i386?

In message <Pine.LNX.4.05.9812042233570.1649-100000@mirna.well.ox.ac.uk>,
	Nino Margetic writes:
>I'd like to setup a small NAT/router/firewall machine and I have a 4M RAM
>machine (and 486sx/25 with a 250M disk). Will this be enough for a minimal
>installation of OpenBSD/i386?

Not using GENERIC.  You really need 8MB to make a system usuable.

If you play with the kernel enough, you can probably get a system that will
run in 4MB, but it will be very slow.

I believe the 2.4 RAMDISK kernel requires 8MB (or 6MB) just to boot.

Jason Downs

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