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Re: Sticker backing removal?

> What's the easiest way to get the backing off the stickers?  There is no
> seam in the backing, fingernails don't work, and bending the corner doesn't
> work either.  I'm running 2.3 if that makes a difference.

You're talking about the 2.3 stickers.

The best way to do it is to stick a knife into the edge.

The stickers sucked because we were quoted 6-week delivery by any and all
high quality processes, due to the Calgary Stampede being 2 weeks after the
2.3 release.

We've learned our lesson now, hopefully.  But anyways, the 2.4 release
uses a different sticker process, much like the process used by the 2.2
release stickers, and these stickers rock.  If you can't get the 2.4 stickers
off the wax paper, you should go back to kindergarden ;)