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Re: xdm: undefined symbol: 'xfspioctl' 12 ?

"Robert Rusek" <rusek@iname.com> writes:

> After upgradeing to OpenBSD 2.4 I get this error message after running XDM:
> xdm: undefined symbol: 'xfspioctl' 12

You are running new userland with an old kernel.
The only answer I can give is "read the archives". This has been talked about
many times now.

Btw. This is the same problem (_NOT_ bug) that shows itself as "getty repeating
too quickly" (or something similiar).

I added a new syscall which login, xdm, telnetd, rlogind, su and many others
use. When you don't have that syscall (new userland, old kernel) you shoot
yourself in the foot. Sorry. Not my fault.

From /usr/src/Makefile:
# 3) It is strongly recommended that you build and install a new kernel
# before rebuilding your system. Some of the new programs may use new
# functionality or depend on API changes that your old kernel doesn't have.

(mental note: I should change that from "strongly recommended" to "required".)