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Re: PNP Configuration, APM problems and atapibus

>It's plenty well documented.
>It's in the mail that root has, after you've installed the machine.

That makes the assumption that (1) people read the mail and that (2)
even if they were inclined to read the mail, that they didn't go swap
sendmail out for something else that doesn't store mail on /var/mail and
thus never found it (or assumed it was errant mail from before the
switch and just nuked it).

Mind you, I only found man afterboot yesterday, after reading Bruno's
suggestion.  I'm not saying that man afterboot isn't documented
somewhere either :-) but I only read the first bit of the OpenBSD
install documentation because the install didn't present any problems
that I needed to consult the rest of the documentation for.

I don't know what to suggest; maybe make the motd say "read
afterboot(8)" or something that will get someone's attention every time
they log in until they either nuke /etc/motd, or go read afterboot(8)
and then nuke /etc/motd :-)